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S1 Car Stacker

If you have limited space, our car stackers are ideal

Don’t compromise on space or security when looking to store or park your vehicles! Take advantage of our highly effective S1 Car Stacker like many of our other UK clients.

The S1 car stacker is perfect when you are faced with limited space within commercial or residential premises and can often double your current parking allowance.

Thanks to its unique surface-mounted design, it can be easily installed with the refines of current parking space dimensions and is usually installed within just hours of being delivered.

Call us today on 0203 657 9852 for competitive prices, expert installations and the very best storage lifts and car stacking lifts. We’ll arrange your FREE no obligation survey and quotation at your convenience.

S1 Car Stacker Side View
S1 Overhead View
SPS Man-On-Board Car Platform Lift

Double your car parking space!

Our car stackers come into their own when placed within office buildings, industrial sites or residential buildings requiring additional parking. The S1 car stacker enables you to double your current car parking provision without having to compromise on space and high construction cost. So if you’ve got limited space, look no further than the S1 stacking lift for the solution to your parking problems.

Safe and Reliable Car Stacking Lifts

With thanks to the S1 design you can be assured that your car and safety is never compromised thanks to the S1 combination of safety features. Fitted with mechanical parking interlocks, over travel restrictors, stop switches and key operational controls, the S1 will provide the additional parking solution you need.

S1 Car Stacker with 1 vehicle
S1 Stacker with 2 vehicles

Our Products

SP Single Car Platform Lift

SP single car platform lift

The SP Car Platform Lift provides a great solution when looking to transport vehicles and goods between floor levels.

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SPS Man-on-Board Car Platform Lift

SPS man-on-board car platform lift

In addition to transporting your vehicle between floors, you can also travel within the comfort and refines of your vehicle while it moves!

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SPR Single Car Platform Lift

SPR platform lift

Perfect for any domestic or commercial premises, our SPR platform lifts offer a stylish and affordable property addition.

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SPR Man-on-Board Car Lift

SPR man-on-board car lift

Need more parking options for the outside of your home or workplace but just don’t have the space? Then our SPR Man-On-Board Car Platform Lift will provide the solution you require.

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SPDS Platform Lift

SPDS platform lift

If you need to move vehicles quickly, safely and up to heights of 6 metres, there’s no better option than our SPDS platform lift.

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Double Decker Stacker

SPDDS platform lift

Our Double Decker Vehicle Stacker provides additional parking or storage spaces for two vehicles within the same location thanks to its two decks and roof design.

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S1 Car Stacker

Car stacking lift

Don’t compromise on space or security when looking to store or park your vehicles thanks to our hugely popular S1 Stacker.

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S2 Angled Stacker

Double decker car stacker

The S2 Angled Stacker provides the additional Parking Solution when faced with restricted head room, doubling your car parking space!

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