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Nottingham's Leading Vehicle Platform Lift Suppliers!

If you're in desperate need of more parking space outside your Nottingham premises, our vehicle platform lifts are the perfect solution! 

As one of the UK's leading vehicle platform lifts suppliers, we have a wide range of car platform lifts and double decker car stackers to choose from; so finding the right one for your premises is sure to be easy and fast!

Stylish, affordable and manufactured by the very best, our car stackers and vehicle platform lifts offer incredible space saving benefits while at the same time creating a stylish addition to any Nottingham property exterior.  

We have everything from stacking lifts and man-on-board car platform lifts to double decker car stackers and single car platform lifts, all installed by our experienced and highly skilled team. So call us today on 0203 6579840 to arrange your FREE property survey and no obligation quotation at your convenience. 

Nottingham's widest selection of vehicle platform lifts

Working across Nottingham and the Midlands, we offer homeowners and commercial clients the most affordable, highest quality and safest car stackers and vehicle platform lifts on the market. Our full range of available car storage lifts includes:

  • Angled Car Stackers
  • Car Stacking Lifts
  • Double-Decker Car Stackers
  • SP Single Car Platform Lifts
  • SPDS Platform Lifts
  • SPR Man-on-Board Car Lifts
  • SPR Platform Lifts
  • SPS Man-on-Board Car Platform Lifts

Bespoke design and installation

When it comes to vehicle and car platform lifts, we offer the absolute best from the biggest names in the industry; all in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes. So whatever style or size requirements you have, we'll design and install a vehicle platform lift to suit your specific needs and requirements.    

Regular platform lift maintenance available

While it is very unlikely that your vehicle platform lift or car stacker will ever suffer problems or break down, it would be highly remiss of us to assume that this could never happen. To make sure that there is very little chance of this ever happening, we offer comprehensive and regular servicing and maintenance of all our equipment. Plus, we offer a range of highly flexible and individually tailored maintenance programmes too.  

So if you're based anywhere across Nottingham or the Midlands, and you're looking to have a stylish vehicle platform lift installed at your home or commercial property, speak to the experts at Parking Lift Solutions. Contact us today to arrange your free property survey and no obligation quotation at your convenience.